Nate Phillips

I found out about the CIRM internship through a flyer posted on the wall in my Biotech 132 class during the 2014 Spring semester at San Diego Miramar College. I am currently interning in the Kirak Lab at The Scripps Research Institute. It has been an amazing six months since I started the internship. I have learned far more than I ever expected and am learning something new and interesting every single day. I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity and to the Science staff at Miramar College, especially Dr. Slivka, Dr. Sinkaset, and Dr.



Biotechnology is the new wave of international industrial business! Biotechnology is simply defined as using living things (bio) to make products useful to humans (technology). Currently, biotechnology affects Pharmaceuticals (new vaccines, targeted anti-cancer drugs), Biologics (replacement hormones), Diagnostics (detection kits for pregnancy, forensic sciences), Agriculture (frost-and-disease-resistant crops).

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