Music Production and Engineering

What is it?

Work in the exciting music and audio recording and production industries! The San Diego Miramar College Music Production and Engineering program will provide you with the skills necessary for engineering, mixing and producing music for music and audio industry recording fields. Skills in basic musicianship, theory, ear training and the music business are also provided.

Where the Jobs Are • Career Opportunities

Examples of entry-level employment options include: recording engineer; mixing engineer; production of music for CDs, film, video, music videos, jingles, radio, television and multimedia, audio visual technician, home theater audio consultant, designer and/or installer.

Continue your education for employment as a digital audio technician, recording studio engineer, producer, sound re-enforcement engineer, synthesizer programmer and retail music equipment sales.

Certificate of Completion

The five-course, 15-unit Certificate of Completion in Music Production and Engineering provides a solid foundation in digital recording, mixing and mastering musical projects using state-of-the-art software and plug-ins. Students produce musical projects using Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) sequencing, as well as music for multimedia projects, film and video.

Courses offered meet the humanities requirement for general education for associate and bachelor degrees. Students can pursue the development of skills in basic musicianship and electronic music.


Enrollment is open to high school graduates and persons at least 18 years of age, with or without a high school diploma.


San Diego Miramar College is a community college with low tuition set by the California State Legislature. Nonresidents of California pay an additional tuition fee. Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, scholarships and financial aid are available for tuition and books.

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